The C-Litter, , 
Father: EC Guldfakse IC Maine-Mark EC MtKittery Casco SGC GC MtKittery Penobscot
  Chief Two Moons Dakota   Kiskata Quoddy of MtKittery
      Guldfakse Poly Holly MtKittery Socko
Guldfakse MCO d 23 MCO n 23   Maineline Cynthia
Little Bear's Moon   IP Cozy Farm EC Cozy Farm Mefisto MtKittery Socko
    Ginger Rogers   CH Maineline Wild Honey Pie
      IC Guldfakse Dakota EC MtKittery Casco
MCO a 22   MCO f 23   Maineline Acadia
  MtKittery RW-SGC Britches SGC Mr Incognito of Mainiac TGC Islandcats Brock of Mainiac
  Yuma Derby of MtKittery   Chessmates Brandy Sunlight
      SGC Mysticoon Clementine of Britches SGC Cooncreole Papillon of Britches
  MCO w 62 MCO w 62   CH Willowplace Starlight Express
    CH MtKittery IC MtKittery Bemis CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill
    Bonny Eagle   QGC MtKittery Perry
      SGC Beauport Colby of MtKittery RW-GC Napa Valley James Brown of Beauport
    MCO n 22   CH Napa Valley Berryessa of Beauport
Mother: CH Coonshine Tara Tara Tamiami-Trail MtKittery Arapahoe
  Skagway Alaska Boy   Purrocious Lady Lucinda of Charmalot
      Tara Kit'n Kaboodle MtKittery Arapahoe
Mountaineer MCO n 23 MCO ns 22   Oro Ojos Anderle-Anderle
Tuckaway Tullamore   Cozy Farm EC Cozy Farm Mefisto MtKittery Socko
    Troublemaker   CH Maineline Wild Honey Pie
      Guldfakse Carrabasset EC MtKittery Casco
MCO n 22   MCO n 23   Willowplace Topaz
  Guldfakse IC MtKittery CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace
  Tuchahoe Bemis   Hillside Belle Epoque
      QGC MtKittery Perry SGC MtKittery Macwahoc
  MCO n MCO a 22   SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery
    Coonmora IW-SGC Coonmora Fantastic Sam Pawcatuck Jasper Penryn of Coonmora
    Keegan   DGC Coonmora Fiona
      QGC Cowtown Dallas of Coonmora SGC Cowtown Awesome
    MCO n 22   CH Cowtown Shenandoah