Evergreen's I-Xtazy


Personal information's:

bulletBorn: 9th of May 2013
bulletFather: Dolcezza Hakuna Matata, MCO e 23
bulletGrand father: Alwaro Zanussi, HCM N/N, PKD N/N, SMA N/N
bulletGrand mother: Summerplace First Lady, HCM N/N, PKD N/N, SMA N/N
bulletMother: Givenchy des Coons de Caux, MCO n 09 22
bulletColor: MCO n 23, Black mackaral tabby.
bulletHCM DNA MyBCP3: Negative (N/N). Click here
bulletPKD DNA: Negative (N/N). Click here
bulletSpinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) DNA: N/N. Click here
bulletBreeder: Julie Pinson, France

Pedigree information's:

bullet99.9% of the pedigree is traced to foundation
bulletInbreeding (complete): 16.3%
bulletClones = 39.1%
bulletTop2 = 42.2%
bulletTop3 = 57.8%
bulletTop5 = 73.1%
bullet Pawpeds pedigree