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The 20th of November 2003 our cat Mountaineer's Tullamore got five kittens with Tappernøje's Snowfox, three girls and two boys. The birth weight of the kittens was between 125g and 150g. The kittens is sold to breeders in Denmark and Germany


Pedigree for the kittens, click here


International Champion

Tappernøje's Snowfox



Mountaineer's Tuckaway Tullamore


Fluke Catwalker, Male, Black mackerel tabby. Exported to Hannibal's, a breeder in Germany.

Fluke is now neutered and live at Hannibal's. You can see some of Flukes offspring on Hannibal's home page.

  fluke2y.jpg (42091 byte)

Fairy B. White, Female, White. Exported to Hannibal's, a breeder in Germany.

Fairy is now neutralized and lives at a friend of Hannibals.


Forest White Hunter, Male, White. Exported to Biberhof a breeder in Germany.

   Forest33.jpg (32940 byte)

Freya Flirty-Girl, Female, Black tortie classic tabby. Sold to Mainpower's a breeder in Denmark.

Felicja Freek, Female, Blue tortie classic tabby. Sold to Wackymoon Coon, a breeder in Denmark. Unfortunately Felicja died of pleurisy (lunghindebetændelse) 10 month old.


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