Gallery G


The 2nd of February 2004 our cat Mountaineer's Jezebel got seven kittens with Belushie's Utah, five boys and two girls.


Pedigree for the kittens, click here


Belushie's Utah



Mountaineer's Wannaway Jezebel


You can see pictures of the kittens from age 0-14 weeks on Gallery G.

Guido Creamweaver, male, creme classic tabby. Guido stays in our cattery, see Our Cats.


Georgia Rose, Gabrielle St. Cloud and George Four Paws is exported to Styrian Coon's a breeder in Austria.

anny12m.jpg (32323 byte) Ally8m.jpg (35538 byte) Jonny6,5b.jpg (27910 byte) george.jpg (81403 byte)

Georgia Rose

(Anny) 1 year

Gabrielle St. Cloud (Ally) 8 months

George Four Paws

(Jonny) 6 month.

George Four Paws


Grayus Creamy Cat, male, creme classic tabby. Exported to Sedina a breeder in Poland.

Grajus3.jpg (20611 byte) Grajus4.jpg (31972 byte)

Guzz Roofshadow (Izmir) is sold as pet in Denmark.

Izmir1x.JPG (35727 byte) Izmir2x.JPG (38376 byte)

Gato Sin Casa is sold as pet in Denmark.