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The 25th of August 2005 Clo and Bright Star had 4 kittens. One male and three females.

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Pedigree for the kittens, click here

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Father: Allycoon's Bright Star



Aloa's Tullmoon Clo


You can see pictures of the kittens from age 0 to 13 weeks on Gallery L.


La Vie en Rose, female, black tortie smoke, sold to Brightcoon, a breeder in Denmark.

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Lunar Sonata, female, black tortie classic tabby, sold to Bajun Cat from Russia.

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Lord Luca, male, black smoke, sold to Alwaro from Poland. HCM DNA test: negative.

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Long-Legged Sally, black tortie, sold to Merrity from Czech Republic.

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