Gallery N


The 14th of December 2005 Jezebel and Bright Star had 7 kittens, 4 males and 3 female.


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Pedigree for the kittens, click here

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Father: Allycoons

Bright Star


Mother: Mountaineer's Wannaway Jezebel


You can see pictures of the kittens from age 0 to 14 weeks on Gallery N

No Limit, male, blue. Sold to Alfarcoon*PL from Poland.

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Nala, female, blue tortie classic tabby. Sold to Italy.

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Nikita, female, blue tortie classic tabby. Sold to a breeder in Russia.

No One Else, male, blue silver classic tabby. Sold to S*Lynxarella's, from Sweden.

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Noa, male, blue. Sold to (N) TOJO POLARIS from Norway.

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Nancy, female, blue tortie silver classic tabby. Sold to Engelshügel from Germany. HCM DNA MyBCP3: negative.

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Nifty Wolf, male, blue smoke. Sold to JustCoons from Germany. Neuter. HCM DNA MyBCP3: negative.

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