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The 24th of October 2006 Jezebel and White Sox got seven kittens, 2 boys and 5 girls.

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24th of October 2006

Pedigree for the kittens, click here

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Father: Mountaineer's White Sox

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Mother: Mountaineer's Wannaway Jezebel

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You can see pictures of the kittens from age 0 to 12 weeks on Gallery P

Puschel-Puma, female, blue /white. Sold to Castle from the Witties in Germany, also the home of Aloa's Miss Tinkerbell.

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Proud Mary, female, black/white. Sold as pet in Denmark together with Perfect Pretender.

Perfect Pretender, male, blue classic tabby. Sold as pet in Denmark together with Proud Mary.

Promise U Made, female, blue tortie cl. tabby. Sold to Orkandia*PL from Poland

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Purple Rain, female, black tortie /white. Sold as pet in Denmark.

Precious Pricilla, female, blue. Sold to Freeclimber in Austria.

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Pink Panther, male, creme classic tabby. Sold to Firedevils in Germany.

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