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3rd of October 2007


Pedigree for the kittens, click here

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Father: Mountaineer's Beach Boy

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Mother: Mountaineer's Wannawy Jezebel

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You can see pictures of the kittens from age 0 to 12 weeks on Gallery T

Tutti Frutti, female, blue tortie classic tabby. Stays in our own cattery.

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T-Rex, male, blue with white. Sold to Castle from the Witties in Germany.

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Tip Toes, female, creme classic tabby with white. Sold as pet.


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T-Bone, male, creme. Sold as pet in Denmark, see Monas Katte.

Tatiana, female, creme classic tabby. Sold to a breeder in Denmark

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Tereza, female, creme classic tabby. Sold to Alohacoons in Finland.

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